Lakeside Children’s Academy – Pre-Kindergarten

How exciting it is for these five year old children to know that they are getting ready to go to school and on a bus! These children are so anxious to learn and ask many questions. Therefore, we provide a program that provides physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. The children are prepared for a large school setting.

Listed are some of the things the Five-Year-Olds work on daily:

– Provides Learning Centers to get children ready for Kindergarten
– Dramatic Play
– Writing
– Sensory
– Quiet Corner
– “Show and Share”
– Book Day
– Music Day
– Grandfriends Program
– Science Projects and Activities
– Fine and Large Motor Skills
– Creative Art
– Develop Thinking Skills
– Promotes positive behavior through re-direction
– Large Outdoor Playground
– Water play during the summer months
– Free Art Center
– Manipulative
– Math
– Reading
– Inventing Stories
– Addresses and Phone Numbers
– Tying Shoes
– During the Summer- takes trips to library, pool, bowling etc.
– Observing
– Discovering
– Exploring
– Questioning
– Problem Solving
– Making Choices
– Consequences